Emergency Medical Task Force Region 2

The Emergency Medical Task Force (EMTF) Project was developed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to create a network of regionally based medical disaster response teams.  Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) have both hospitals and EMS agencies in their membership, and are charged with developing disaster response plans for acute healthcare emergencies. The EMTFs are multi-RAC regions, designed to leverage the capabilities of several trauma systems. The partnered RACs then selected a “Lead” RAC to be responsible for the equipment purchases and general organization of the EMTF. NCTTRAC was selected to serve as the "Lead RAC" for EMTF 2 and is partnered with Big Country RAC (Abilene) and the North Texas RAC (Wichita Falls).

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FY15 EMTF Annual Assessment


Regional AMBUS Request Guide


  State EMTF Regions

  EMTF Region 2

  What is the EMTF?
* State and Regional Health & Medical disaster response assets.
* Goal of EMTF is to provide coordinated response, offer rapid medical assistance to emergency operation systems during large-scale incidents.
* Each region coordinates with Healthcare partners to provide deployable assets.
  EMTF Response Strategy:

* EMTF is designed to be rapidly deployable for state-wide incidents.
* The Task Force builds upon regional capability.
* EMTF deployments are tasked to unaffected regions for a state-wide coordinated response.
* EMTF assets and personnel are integrated with on-scene command & control elements (NIMS- compliant).
* Deployed assets have been built out to be self-sufficient for 72 hours.
* EMTF is built to provide a scalable, modular series of deployment options for any type of disaster response.
* The Texas Department of State Health Services funds the EMTF program.



  EMTF 2 In Action
  EMTF Components

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