The North Central Trauma Regional Advisory Council is comprised of five departments that are listed below.

The Administration Department is responsible for organizational compliance with appropriate contract, grant and program management policies. The Administration Department is also responsible for the coordination of all membership based activities, including Committee and Organizational documents as well as meeting preparation.

The DIS Department is responsible for hardware and software of NCTTRAC. The mission of the DIS department is to provide superior crisis application systems and customer service to support the mission of NCTTRAC and its partners. The goal of the DIS is to keep going above and beyond in keeping NCTTRAC's systems running smoothly for our staff and members.  The DIS department is diligently continuing to work with our software vendors with the goal of providing the most effective patient management system for our members.

Emergency Healthcare Systems (EHS) describes the continuum of patient care from entry into the emergency medicine through 9-1-1 all the way through patient discharge. Participants in the EHS include first responder organizations, 9-1-1 and non-emergency EMS (ambulance) services, acute care receiving hospitals (including trauma, stroke, cardiac, and urgent care centers), rehabilitation facilities, and all of the support personnel, facilities, and services supporting these efforts. The mission of the EHS Department is to provide central support to weave together plans and efforts as well as navigation support to bolster regulatory requirements for all EHS participant NCTTRAC members. EHS staff also support each of the functional NCTTRAC committees in their efforts to develop required system plans for trauma, stroke, and cardiac care, as well as regional patient care guidelines. Additionally there is support for the regional patient care registry REG*E and the regional System Performance Improvement Committee and Physician Advisory Groups.


The Logistics and Transportation Department provides daily and emergency procurement services for NCTTRAC and the TSA-E Healthcare Coalition. Logistics manages the Hospital Preparedness Program contract with the State of Texas. As inventory specialists, Logistics supports HPP-participating agencies and Emergency Medical Task Force 2 in the management of response equipment and supplies. The Logistics Department operates the Region’s licensed medical device warehouse from which it facilitates the shipping of response equipment and supplies to fill resource needs during emergencies.

The Emergency Medical Operations Department supports the region through coordinating and implementing TSA-E’s plans and solutions for regional disaster preparedness and response for our Healthcare Coalition Partners. The department oversees all the operations of the TSA-E Medical Operations Center (EMOC) to include the following:
    • Activations & Coordination Center Operations
    • Communications (routine and emergent)
    • Corrective Action Planning
    • Crisis Applications Administration
    • Emergency Medical Task Force 2 Program Oversight
    • EOP Implementation
    • Surveys and Data Analysis
    • Training & Exercises

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