EMResource is a web-based system that is used on in day to day reporting of hospital status and availability. It also is used to report air medical availability.

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  EMResource Features
FACILITY STATUS Allows the user to edit their facility’s status and alert other facilities of unexpected closures to areas of the facility or to the entire facility. Addition area information can be noted in a comments box.

REGIONAL STATUS Provides an overview of all facilities’ diversion status. The top section of the window allows the user to select facility data criteria and the bottom section of the window displays records matching that criteria.

BED AVAILABILITY When an event is activated in the system, it allows users to update bed availability and provides an overview of that information to participating facilities throughout North Central Texas.

DOCUMENT LIBRARY Functions like an intranet for healthcare preparedness information. There is a global location for regional documents that can be stored and shared. Documents can be downloaded, printed, or saved to disk.

RESOURCE TRACKING Resources that each facility wants to track, such as PPE, ventilators, or radios, can be monitored for availability in an event.

REPORTSThere are several types of reports, allowing users pull information from the system. Reports can be run on status updates, agency availability and events. The reports are in PDF format for printing, or saving the reports.

ALERTING Performs text and email urgent event alerting, health alert broadcasting, missing persons and BOLO broadcasts. The alerts can be template based for more comprehensive information.

INTER-REGIONAL With the correct permissions and views, a user can view many regions. Most of the regions in the state and parts of southern Oklahoma have some type of coverage.
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