E*TRACS (TSA-E Tracking Resources, Alerts, and Capabilities System) is a web‐based system that serves two important roles for healthcare organizations in North Central Texas: 1.) Daily tracking of facility status and bed availability and 2.) Manages the procurement and inventory of HPP agencies.  E*TRACS includes features that allow facilities/organizations to track and map multiple categories of resources, notify partners of emergency events, communicate on‐line in real‐time, and calculate, print, and save system data in reports.

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  E*TRACS Features
FACILITY STATUS Allows the user to edit their facility’s status and alert other facilities of unexpected closures to areas of the facility or to the entire facility. This includes tracking of specialty care, such as, neurology or cardiac catheterization labs.

REGIONAL STATUS Provides an overview of all facilities’ bed availability and diversion status. The top section of the window allows the user to select facility data criteria and the bottom section of the window displays records matching that criteria.

BED AVAILABILITY Allows users to update bed availability and provides an overview of that information to participating facilities throughout North Central Texas.

KNOWLEDGEBASE Functions like an intranet for healthcare preparedness information. It allows one way document sharing (e.g. plans, contact lists, AAR, best practices); assignment of viewing rights; and auto delete to keep information current. Documents can be downloaded, printed, or saved to disk.

RESOURCE REQUESTING AND TRACKING Resources that each facility wants to track, such as PPE, ventilators, or radios, can be sorted into categories and tracked within this module. Additionally items can be requested and transferred in the system for mutual aid.

REPORTS There are several types of reports, allowing users to easily extract datasets from the system. Transactional, exploratory or analytical reports are methods for getting reports. GIS Mapping is an option for information viewing through static information or heat maps to show concentrations. XML, HTML, PDF, CSV, Excel and Word formats are available for printing, exporting, or saving the reports.

ALERTING Allows specific E*TRACS users to send event notifications to organizations and distribution lists by email, pager, or text message. Alerts responses can be tracked by individual recipient.

PROCUREMENT Provides an electronic method to account for all the items and services that are procured using grant or contract dollars. All regional HPP money is managed or monitored through this module.

INVENTORY All inventories that are purchased through a contract or grant is automatically loaded into this module. The module allows for tracking of items down to a specific location, including expiration or warranty information. The reports exports to the state GC-11 format.

PATIENT TRACKING This MCI patient management tool tracks patients throughout their treatment, collects discernible information efficiently, manages emergency incidents effectively and locates and reunites families. The constantly updated overview of patient care and status, available hospitals and number of patients received are invaluable tools that allow for easy management during and in preparation for major incidents.

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