WebEOC is a web-enabled, user-friendly and locally-configurable incident and event management system. With access to the Internet, authorized emergency managers and first responders, regardless of location, can enter and view incident information in WebEOC status boards. NCTTRAC uses WebEOC to collaborate through situational awareness and a common operating picture with regional and state partners.

  WebEOC Features
FACILITY STATUS Allows the user to edit their facility’s status and alert other facilities of unexpected closures to areas of the facility or to the entire facility. Items like HCC or Decontamination status is shown here.

REGIONAL STATUS Provides an overview of all facilities’ bed availability and diversion status. The top section of the window allows the user to select facility data criteria and the bottom section of the window displays records matching that criteria.

BED AVAILABILITY Allows users to update bed availability through the Hospital Medical Dashboard and provides an overview of that information to participating facilities throughout North Central Texas.

FILE LIBRARY Place where documents and forms can be placed for regional use. Quick start guides and exercise documents are examples of the types of documents posted.

SIGNIFICANT EVENTS Through the medical events boards (Local and TSA-E), agencies can monitor the significant events posted by peers or by the regional Medical Operations Center.

TSA-E TXETN This board was created to assist in patient tracking and management during no-notice emergency events. It allows for the tracking of a patient from the scene through EMS transfer to a facility.

EXERCISE MANAGEMENT NCTTRAC uses WebEOC to manage regional exercises through simulations and an exercise inject engine. This exercise play allows for NCTTRAC to help hospitals meet performance criteria.

TWIRP (STATEWIDE BOARDS) This area provides access to statewide information. Information such as Emergency Medical Task Force or Ambulance Strike Team availability is seen here. Statewide ESF-8 information is also posted in this area.

ICS/FEMA Forms All the ICS 200 forms and the FEMA 90 forms are available in this section. They are electronically enabled for quick data entry through a keyboard or printable for traditional pen based data

OTHER BOARDS AND FLEXABILITY There are other boards such as: Blood Supply, Critical Medications, Mission Tasks and NIMS compliance. WebEOC by its nature allows for rapid development of a board to capture information.

Click the Login link in the lower right corner to view further information such as Hospital Advisory Status Reports, Agendas, Documents, Minutes, Presentations and contact information.

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